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Sexual dimorphism is a physical difference between males and females of a species. Reverse sexual dimorphism, when females are larger than males, has been observed across multiple owl species. [9] The degree of size dimorphism varies across multiple populations and species, and is measured through various traits, such as wing span and body mass. [9] Overall, female owls tend to be slightly larger than males. The exact explanation for this development in owls is unknown. However, several theories explain the development of sexual dimorphism in owls.

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Hello, I see weeds and grass surrounding two GN owl burrows on a Hialeah school campus turning brown from having been sprayed. What’s the best thing for me to do? The owls have used those burrows for years and I’m sure the landscaper was not paying attention to detail.
Thank you.

I'm a night owl. My usual day [is]: I work out in the morning; I get to the office around 9, 8:30 . to 9 .; work till about 6:30 .; have dinner with the family, hang out with the kids and put them to bed about 8:30 . And then I'll probably read briefing papers or do paperwork or write stuff until about 11:30 ., and then I usually have about a half hour to read before I go to bed … about midnight, 12:30 . -- sometimes a little later.

Fairfield is a picturesque and fully productive fruit farm at the foot of the Skurweberg Mountains, just 6 km from the town of Ceres. In winter the cottages have a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains, with indoor fireplaces to keep the chill out.  In spring the cottages look out over brightly coloured pink and white fruit trees.
Summer brings with it adventurous hiking, rustic bass fishing at the farm dam, and the mountain biking trails at nearby Eselfontein farm is said to be the best in the Western Cape.
Back at Fairfield, the plunge pool is great entertainment for kids.
The well marked Orchard Routes make the farm easily accessible for guests, and a little hiking will reward you with close by bushman paintings. Be on the lookout for klipspringers, dassies, mongooses, baboons, fish eagle, owls, guinea fowls, pheasants, fynbos, proteas and an abundance of beautiful rock formations.
The three cottages are tucked away at the foot of the mountain. The Eco Cottage boasts an outdoor Mountain Bath, and Klipspringer Cottage an outdoor Tree Shower.

Owls - The Night StaysOwls - The Night StaysOwls - The Night StaysOwls - The Night Stays